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About us


Produkteam Kft. was founded in 1995 with the aim of provide solution for companies for their demand of short-, or long-term manpower.

The main scope of activity of Produkteam:
  • recruitment and selection of manpower (labour exchange);
  • labour lending;
  • payroll outsourcing services;
  • recruitment of students;
  • other labour market services, as well as carry out specific projects (e.g. advertising campaigns, questionnaires, traffic counting) from the planning to realization.

Produkteam is providing jobs and career opportunities through our Partners to low, semi and highly skilled employees in Hungary.


We are supporting our Partners with our services in developing and realizing job conceptions. We are also helping companies to find their ideal colleagues for the open positions according to their requirements.


Labour recruitment - manpower recruitment and selection projects

We recommend choosing our services, if:
  • you do not have time for looking for new colleagues;
  • you would like to have a time effective solution;
  • you have been looking for your new employees unsuccessfully for a extensive time;
  • the HR department is overladen;
  • you need experts and skilled workers in shortage professions.

Labour lending projects

We recommend choosing our services, if:
  • you need a new employee in a brifef time;
  • you are dealing with headcount stop at your company;
  • you are looking for a fixed term staff;
  • unexpected labour loss occurs in your company;
  • you would like to test the new colleagues’ performance before you hire them.

Payroll outsourcing services


The process and administration of payroll is very complex and surprisingly challenging, but month by month it is one of the most important task for companies and employees as well. Our payroll specialist colleagues have professional experience in the KulcsSoft payroll system, which provides a comprehensive payroll solution for our partners and have experience in human resources management too.


By outsourcing your payroll activities, you can save costs, your company does not need to maintain payroll apparatus, buy software products, and spend on its continuous updating. In addition, the costs will be more predictable, as payroll fees are calculated per person. We guarantee payroll process for your company in accordance with current legislation, and you can reduce tax risks and gain tax benefits provided by legislation.


Recruitment of students


We have up - to - date database of tens of thousands of full-time students. We perform the recruitment and selection; students can be employed for shorter periods through a subcontractor called “Meló-Depó 2000 Iskolai Szövetkezet” (~ Meló-Depó 2000 School Co-operative Society).

We recommend you to choose our services, if:
  • you need cost effective and flexible solution;
  • you would like to avoid the time-consuming recruitment process;
  • you would like to introduce internship programs;
  • you need to solve permanent labour shortage.
In case you are interested in one of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us via

Produkteam Kft.